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Skin Benefits:

- Works well for dry skin

- Relieve itching, rash, infection, and redness

- Moisturising the skin

- Soothing properties

- Suitable for dry or sensitive skin



- Hydrates and moisturises the skin

- Protects against free radicals and environmental damage

- May help to reduce signs of ageing


The combination of these oils provides deep hydration, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and offers gentle exfoliation for a smoother complexion. The infusion of shea butter adds a luxurious touch, softening the skin while promoting overall skin health. Together, these natural ingredients deliver a holistic skincare experience, leaving your skin pampered, balanced, and radiant with each use.


Size: 120grams/soap


INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera natural gel, Chamomile granules

Oils: Olive, Coconut, Castor Shea butter

Scent is from natural Chamomile, no artificial added.


Aloe Vera Chamomile Soap

110 Grams