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Eco Friendly



Our sustainable sisal exfoliating bags for bathing not only contribute to zero waste but also provide an ideal solution for drying your soaps



We vehemently oppose and abstain from any form of animal testing, adhering to cruelty-free practices.



Blubbly takes pride in our exclusively vegan and plant-based products, ensuring they are crafted without any animal-derived ingredients.


At Blubbly, our mission is to revive the ancient lifestyle by harnessing the abundance of natural resources for skincare, with a special focus on the revered Date fruit. We are committed to creating high-quality, plant-based products that honor traditional wisdom and deliver exceptional skincare benefits. By integrating the nutrient-rich properties of date fruit, which has been used for centuries in bathing and skincare rituals, we aim to offer a natural, sustainable, and effective solution for modern skincare needs. Our dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and the well-being of our customers drives us to innovate and promote a healthier, more radiant lifestyle through the power of nature.


To spearhead a comprehensive awareness campaign across the region, ensuring that every household not only recognizes but fully embraces the myriad benefits of date fruit in skincare. We are committed to transcending borders, spreading our message far beyond the UAE, and enlightening individuals worldwide about the remarkable potential of date fruit for nurturing healthy, radiant skin. Through education, advocacy, and innovative skincare solutions, we aim to empower communities to make informed choices for their skincare needs and cultivate a global culture where the natural treasures of our region enrich lives everywhere.

My Blub Story


In 2022, I stumbled upon the captivating world of handcrafted soaps with natural ingredients. Everyday, I pour my passion into creating exquisite soaps that embody the essence of nature, nourishing soaps that are crafted with love and a commitment to purity.


Introducing my family to my passion for handcrafted soaps was a joyous experience. Their support and involvement have brought us closer, making our bond even stronger, forging cherished memories and deepening our connections. Each soap we craft is a symbol of our love and unity.


Through months and continues of study, research, and unwavering dedication, we poured our sweat, faced failures, and celebrated successes. Today, we proudly present our meticulously crafted products.


We're excited to share our handcrafted creations with our family, friends, and local community. Our dream is to reach the world with our artisan soaps. Spread the Power of Nature for a long-term skin health.

As the primary users of our own soaps, my family and I have personally experienced the transformative impact on our skin. While it's true that soaps made from natural organic ingredients may have a shorter shelf life, we choose to prioritize the positive effects they have on our skin over using harmful ingredients for the sake of longevity. We believe that choosing ingredients that benefit the skin is paramount.


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